Five High Protein Snacks to Keep You Satisfied

Five High Protein Snacks to Keep You Satisfied

Snacks can quickly derail your diet plan, even if you planned ahead. You need to be prepared to avoid making bad food choices.

Sometimes, we miss meals or get stressed and need a quick snack to get us through the moment.

The convenience issue is a factor that sometimes makes people reach for the wrong things.

For example, if you’re hungry and too busy to stop and prepare lunch, you might just grab fast food or a candy bar.

To help you from snacking on the wrong things, I’ve compiled five high protein snacks to keep you satisfied.

Protein Shake

Many people like to use high protein, readymade shakes when they get hungry.

Slim-Fast makes a delicious milk chocolate version that has 20 grams of protein in it.

This shake has double the protein of their usual readymade diet shakes that only has 10 grams of protein.

Make sure you order the one that says “high protein”, as seen here.

Another bonus is that it only has 1 gram of sugar!

Protein Bars

Another on-the-go option for protein is to grab a protein snack bar.

There are all sorts of flavors to choose from, but chocolate or peanut butter are probably two favorites among consumers.

Make sure when shopping for these that you pay attention to the amount of protein in the bar.

Some only have a mere 6 grams, while others, like the Pure Protein bars, contain 20 grams of protein.

You want it to taste good, but you also want to get the benefits of plenty of protein, too.

Turkey and Cheese

Cheese and turkey are a great combo protein snack to pack.

You can create rollups using slices of deli turkey and cheese yourself.

Or you can get combo packs of string cheese with turkey strips here.

Peanut Butter & Bananas

Peanut butter and a banana make a wonderful protein snack.

The banana gives you fiber and potassium, while the peanut butter packs in a lot of protein.

It’s better to put the peanut butter directly on the banana instead of making a sandwich.

This way you can eliminate the unnecessary carbs. 

You can also find snacks that contain peanut butter and bananas that are easy to grab and go, and also contain protein. 

Edamame & Almonds

Edamame and almonds are an unusual, but high protein snack you can pack to take with you anywhere.

Edamame can be eaten raw or cooked, hot or cold.

You just pop the beans out of the pod and snack on them!

If you buy almonds for your protein snack, try to get the raw, unsalted ones.

These are ultimately better for you and don’t contain all of the sodium that contributes to other health issues.

There you have it, five high protein snacks to keep you satisfied.

All of the snack ideas are lightweight, readily accessible and taste good!

Five High Protein Snacks to Keep You Satisfied

Five High Protein Snacks to Keep You Satisfied

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