Should I Track My Fitness Goals?

Should I Track My Fitness Goals?

When you start a new diet, you may ask yourself, “should I track my fitness goals?”

It’s a common question because no matter what diet plan you sign up for, there’s usually some form of tracking involved.

Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig will have you weigh in right away, coming back weekly to step on the scale.

They may have you count points or make you adhere to a strict calorie regimen.

Other plans have a specific ratio of protein, carbs, and fat that you have to abide by.

Tracking tools are everywhere online. Popular apps like MyFitnessPal and MyFoodDiary are free to use.

MyFoodDiary not only allows you to track your foods but provides a nutritional analysis of where you’re deficient.

There’s also an exercise log for you to track your workouts. You can get started here.

Who Shouldn’t Use Fitness Trackers

Let’s face it, tracking everything you eat it’s right for everyone.

In fact, it might hinder success for some people.

It’s okay to step on the scale, in the beginning, to see where you’re at physically, but to weigh yourself several times throughout the day, or record every bite can get exhausting.

Weight loss is a journey that naturally fluctuates for everyone.

There are going to be days where you stick to all your fitness plans.

Then there are going to be moments when you pig out and overeat.

If you stay glued to the numbers, it can derail your motivation quickly.

Try Mindful Eating

If this describes you, then you might want to take a more mindful approach to your weight loss and fitness.

Instead of tracking everything or reading labels, have whatever you want.

But, listen closely to your hunger cues.

Eyeball a sensible portion and eat it slowly.

This might be very new to you, especially if you eat fast or distracted.

You should stop eating when you’re no longer hungry.

Not until you’re full.

Being full means you’ve overeaten.

Unfortunately, this is a sensation that many of us have recognized for years as the end of mealtime.

You have to change your mindset.

Give yourself permission to eat whenever you want, not by a clock.

Listen to your stomach and not your mind.

Mindful eating is a great tool that helps you lose weight without deprivation of your favorite foods.

You also get freed from the chains of tracking tools for good.

The only tool you use is your brain to tell you if your body needs refueling.

Then you give yourself permission to eat whatever you feel like eating.

Over time, you’ll notice portions get smaller as you realize there’s no urgency to consume large amounts of foods you previously considered bad.

Tracking your fitness goals doesn’t have to be a dreadful process. However, if you know that it’s not for you, try mindful eating instead and listen to your hunger cues.

Should I Track My Fitness Goals?

Should I Track My Fitness Goals?

4 thoughts on “Should I Track My Fitness Goals?”

  1. One thing that I found work better than almost anything else is that rather than tracking and focusing on results to first start tracking and focusing on forming habits!

    And if diet is important, vital even, so is exercise.

    Now forming good habits is not enough in and of itself to remove bad habits, however, good and bad habits are in conflict for shared resources: Your time, energy and focus.

    And the more good habits you develop, the more difficult it becomes for your bad habits to continue unabetted.

    As for results, personally, I got more of them when I started focusing far, far less on them, rather viewing them as the cherry on the pie rather than the ultimate goal. Continuing to work and practice my daily habits, however, now that is always the ultimate goal for me … and for practically anything for that matter.

    Another benefit on focusing on forming habits first is once they start to take hold in your brain, you’ll start to feel far, far less resistance to things that were otherwise difficult (refraining from eating junk food, doing exercise etc …), and this is where you’ll start seeing results as something that is inevitable!

    Good luck to you all on your journey to fitness 🙂

    Daedalus Dream Journal

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